Friday, 12 April 2013

The week past

It feels like it's been a rather unproductive week. I haven't done anything crafty since last weekend as my wrists have been recovering from doing a whole 2 rows of knitting. I am determined to finish that hat eventually, it looks awesome even only half done, but the needles are too small for my hands to be happy doing it. Sad that I love finer knitwork (though I also love fine wool knitted on chunky needles, so might just have to stick with that).

I have however managed to get through over half my marking, mostly done during Miss A's micro-naps. And been for three (yes 3!!!!) walks, one of which was the whole family and the other two just me and Miss A. None very long, but it's the getting out and moving that's the important bit at this stage. I've only had one day without a shower, even if yesterday's was in the evening after the girls were in bed. (Yay me! Celebrating the small things round here.)

Little Miss A is growing out of her 0-3 month clothes, so I burrowed through our under-1 box under her cot and found the next-size-up things. Yay for growing babies!

This of course means that I've found some gaps, like warm pants, that Just Need Filling. So my list of things to do keeps growing.



Anonymous said...

No matter how sorted I think I have the hobbit's clothes once she starts wearing the size I always find gaps - this time it was the weather's fault for getting cold again.
You'll clearly have to take up knitting lace as that's almost always on bigger needles than normal.

khhast said...

Some warm pants in progress! But I'm sure we'll find more gaps as she wears things more. It doesn't help that Miss S was opposite seasons for the same age, so we'll have not enough warmth for winter and then not enough cool things for next summer too!

Lace is good :) I like lace, but I need to finish what I have half-made first (only two or three things....)
In future I think I need to restrict myself to 8mm needles at the smallest.