Sunday, 1 February 2009


I did some card making yesterday, it's not something I've ever done much of, but this year I want to try to be a bit more creative with my gifting (having no money to spare on these things helps, but I also just want to be able to give people something made especially for them if I'm going to give anything). So when I was told that my sister had handed in her PhD thesis and gently reminded that my cousin was turning 21 this week (thanks Mum!) I decided that I just had to make some cards. So here's what I came up with, all made with things I already had... gotta use up some of that stash!

Some flowers for my cousin.

And some fireworks for my sister.
Photos are clickable for bigger versions so you can see detail.
Cards are made from ribbon, sequins, beads, button, fabric glitter paint, embroidery thread, and gold thread stitched on heavy denim, then sewn onto card with a really long stitch.

I also made envelopes for them out of scented floral drawer-liners, because they weren't standard-sized, and if I'm going handmade, why not go all the way? But I forgot to photograph them and they're already in the mail.

So after a whole lot of creativity, I'm feeling a bit better, though very much looking forward to starting study for the year in 3 weeks.

What different things have you tried doing lately?


lori said...

Those are very cute cards!
I haven't tried anything new in a while. I do have a craft night scheduled for this week to try my hand at linoleum cutting/print making. We'll see how that goes.
It's nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

It has been so cool reading your blogs. :-)

I LOVE your cards you have made.

My main crafts are scrapbooking, card making and i have learned a new thing called ATC's. (Artist Trading Cards).
I am a part of an awesome NZ scrapbook site where I have learned a whole lot of new techniques and found new ideas. :-)

Betty Jo said...

These are awesome cards! I so want to make my own this coming year too, once I get settled in my new place. You've inspired me! ♥