Wednesday, 18 February 2009

finishing and starting

I'm counting down to this date:

University starts back in only 5 days and my list of things to get done over the summer break seems to be nearly as long now as it was back in November. Eek! Today, however, I did manage to finish one thing on my list: Nappies! I have finally finished sewing nappy pockets and can get back to some more creative sewing, almost. The nappies have had all 360 corners of velcro trimmed (4 corners x 5 pieces of velcro x 18 nappies = 360 corners, and no I didn't really need to know how many there was) and then had a wash so they're now all ready to use. Don't the colours look fantastic?!

I've started on another sewing item on my list, new curtains for our bedroom. We were given some nice full-length curtains which I've chopped the bottoms off so they can be normal length window curtains and curtains for the small window above our bed. So far I've hemmed the large ones, the small ones are still a work in progress.

I found some baby snails (they were tiny! only finger-width in length) while yanking out some very very long grass in our front yard, and had to stop and run find the camera. Most of the grass is still there, I didn't want the baby snails to lose their home. They were so amazingly wonderful. And their shells were translucent in the morning sunshine.

In other news, Miss S is starting on solids tomorrow! She hasn't put any weight on since I went lactose-free to help her reflux 2.5months ago, so we're getting started on solids to see if it'll help. Going lactose-free cut out a huge amount of fat from my diet, which may have been good for me, but not so good for a growing baby. The plunket nurse (free medical service for under5s) will visit again in a fortnight to see how she's going. It will be fun! The darling husband and I are very much looking forward to Miss S's reactions to food.

What are you excited about getting crossed off your list these days?
Or just getting started on that's exciting and inspiring you?


Anonymous said...

Hey! great blog. i enjoy looking out for the new posts. :-)

Isaiah starts preschool on Monday so i will have a bit of extra time to do what i need to do... Get organised in the house! For months i have felt like i haven't been getting anywhere.
I have also learned some new tricks on photoshop so want to get onto some digital scrapbooking. :-)

Great Nappies by the way! I wish I could sew that good and make my own... in the meantime i just use the 4 I bought ages ago. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey now, get rid of those snails quicksmart. yeah, they might be cute as pie now, but in a few weeks they'll be eating your flowers...!