Monday, 30 March 2009

relaxing madness

I have had a crazy last couple of weeks with two assignments to get done and two tests to study for, but thankfully it's all over and I can relax a little. Unfortunately I'm quite sore from too much writing and stressing so can't really chill out by sewing, which is disappointing as I have far too many ideas floating around in my head wanting to get out, plus umpteen dozen works in progress. However to distract me from this sad state of affairs my bestest friend from high school is coming to town tomorrow and we're having a big random potluck dinner at my place to celebrate. This is her first visit home from London in two and a half years and it really has been far far too long. So tonight it'll be early to bed so I can rush around after uni tomorrow picking up pieces of house to make room for visitors. We're so excited!


Marilyn said...

What an exciting day to look forward to! Have a lot of FUN!

Fi said...

And wasn't it such a brilliant evening - I loved seeing you all and meeting Shani! It has been far too long.

Last night will definitely be one for the memory banks - I laughed so hard! Love you Hastelows loads, thanks again for hosting our fun.