Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A little bit of unlisted sewing

So I was planning to rest my wrists over the weekend, but then Miss S was going to a birthday party for her best friend from kindy, turning 5 so a big deal, and she asked me at lunchtime (party was at 3pm) if I could make something for her to give her friend. Foolishly I said yes, and whipped out some fabric and the sewing machine and made this in less than two hours (including having lunch and feeding Miss A). A quick photo before it got wrapped up by an enthusiastic Miss S:

Rather pleased that I could make something so fast, especially with the slow crappy cheap domestic machine I have. Unfortunately it wasn't something on my list of things to make.

It only has one body seam, at the centre front, and a half-zip there. Cuffs and waistband of ribbing. And of course a pointed hood (I love me some pointed hoods).

Made without a pattern (as I frequently do), but cut based on (and slightly larger than) one of Miss S's hoodies. I got Miss S to try it on and it was big on her, but looked good, so I was happy.

Also, Miss S and I went fabric shopping on Saturday morning for some pj fabric which is now washed, but not cut out yet. That'll be the bit that takes the longest I think. I have a pair of pants for Miss A already cut that might end up getting sewn first just because they're ready to go.

Today Miss S, Miss A, and I took enrollment forms to Miss S's school, and she's going on a visit there tomorrow with kindy. Makes it all seem rather soon.

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