Friday, 24 May 2013

A slow week, but well measured



It's beautifully sunny today.

But it's been a slow week, slow working week anyway, not much progress anywhere.

Despite not doing much I've still be rather sore, which doesn't help the inspiration.

Chipping away slowly on a couple of things.

I'd rather be sewing though.

I traced off Miss S's current pjs, and took a few dozen measurements (some I needed, some on request), so I should be able to upsize and alter it quickly enough. Maybe I'll do some of it this evening while The Hubster is out.

I'm off to do a little sewing to try and make myself feel better. I'll aim to get more done next week. Meet you back here on Monday for some goals, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Take all the measurements Mum, again, again! :)
Hobbit doesn't much like being measured - mostly cos she has to stay still and she wants to run off with the tape measure.

khhast said...

Yes, though Miss S usually has to have a turn with the tape measure when I'm done. Or when I'm half-done...