Friday, 31 May 2013


This week seems to have been much more productive than the last.

I have emailed both my ethics application and my current-form-of critical literature review to my supervisors. Feeling like I'm starting to get somewhere.

I finished the first pair of footsie pj pants for Miss S, and she is super happy. Wearing them to bed tonight (after wearing them around all afternoon since I finished them).

(The colour matches nicely with this skirt I made her for Christmas last year, edged with a scrap of fabric left over from the first shirt I ever made her dad.)

They seem to have plenty of length for her to grow, so might manage to last her two winters.

I cut out the matching top last night and managed to sew the shoulder seams this afternoon before Miss A woke from a nap and I had to stop.

I didn't manage to go for any walks this week, it's been a chilly week, and I've been getting over a cold, so didn't feel like going out and making my nose run even more. I did manage an ab workout yesterday. But generally lots of early nights and a lack of enthusiasm for being too active.

Aims for next week?

Get a couple of emails related to my PhD sent.

Be a bit more active.

I think I'd like to start tackling a new section of PhD work, do something a bit different while I wait for feedback about the bits currently with supervisors.

My parents are visiting on their way home from long-weekend-travels on Tuesday/Wednesday, so that might keep me busy a little, and Miss S is home from kindy on Monday, so we'll see how we go.

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Anonymous said...

Parents visiting means someone else to hold the baby :)