Saturday, 25 May 2013

Pants galore!

So I didn't get any sewing done yesterday, Miss A didn't want to sleep. But after the girls had eventually both ended up in bed last night I managed to sort out the pj pattern for Miss S and cut out one pair of pants. I started sewing them today. Isn't the fabric lovely? So soft and cozy.


This was of course after I had sewn this pair of pants for Miss A that have been waiting a few weeks.

The colours a nice warm dark-ish green, more like the full photo than the inset. Unfortunately the fabric had virtually no stretch, and I had cut it as if it had a little, so the slightly smaller cuffs couldn't be stretched on, and I got a little tuck in one of them. I'll probably be the only one to notice, and it won't make them any less cozy.

I managed to snap a pic of the second pair a couple of days ago.

Fabric is the same as the sweatshirt I made last weekend, both cut from leftovers of a sleeveless hooded tunic I made years ago. These pants are a bit long, but she'll grow, I'm sure.

So a much better day today, but now I must go see about dinner.

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Anonymous said...


Hobbit's pants are always too long. She's still wearing a pair of 9-12m which reach the ground!