Wednesday, 28 January 2009

morning play

I was going to share the beautiful sunrise with you this morning, but I was busy feeding Miss S, and by the time we had finished all the wonderful colours had faded.

But I do have something to share. A few days ago I managed to snap a few pictures of the patchwork/quilted playmat I made for Miss S while I was pregnant. Her name is underneath her. Photos are clickable for bigger versions.

I made it from fabric in my stash, the dark blue is a spare poly-cotton sheet, and colours are all scraps, some of which I had been saving for years for "something special". In between the two layers is an old woollen blanket I purchased at an op-shop ages ago that I no longer needed as a blanket.

The quilted side was done on my industrial straight-sewer as free-quilting. I love both sides very much, though one took an awful lot longer than the other - weeks as opposed to a few hours!

The original plan was to have all of the picture pieces matching at the joining of the squares, but that very quickly went out the window (I hadn't measured seam allowance either while cutting or sewing) and I actually really like the not-quite-matching look, I think it's more home-made looking than if it was all perfect, and I wanted this to be something Miss S could treasure for years to come as something that was made especially for her.


Fi said...

She will!

My mum made this "Fiona" blanket for me when I was little. It's got my name on it and although the red side has faded, I still treasure it (from the other side of the world).

Your playmat is gorgeous darling!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That's adorable!