Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sparrows in nappies

The nappy sewing has begun:

And so far they're progessing faster than I thought they would, though I keep being distracted by things like the gorgeously cute creatures Lori over at The Morninglori Vine makes, and other wonderful blogs that are taking part in One World - One Heart ...there's now over 460 blogs participating! And they make it so very hard to stay sewing nappy pockets, I keep wanting to go off and try things.

When I need a break from the sewing (and blog exploring!) I've been slowly organising my studio. The other day I found this:

It's a beautiful clip-on earring. Just the one. But I love it, I'm trying to find somewhere in my studio to put it on display. Maybe some good inspiration for the border of Miss S's quilt? We'll see.

Meanwhile, these chirpy wee sparrows are enjoying the sunshine (and the bread crusts) and hopping along our picket fence.

A picket fence? Yes! We have a picket fence! How cliche! Though it is green, so it could be more so. I love it, crazy as it seems.

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