Wednesday, 21 January 2009

plastic bags

I didn't think I'd be posting quite this often, but I had to share.

I was sewing earlier today, to some wonderful sounds in the next room.

With Miss S getting closer and closer to crawling, and therefore exploring things we'd rather she didn't, like this:

I decided it was about time I made this brilliantly coloured bag tidy/dispenser:

It was so easy to make, just a tube with a bit of elastic at the bottom and a loop to hang with at the top, then stuff with plastic bags and all done!

I was thinking as I was sewing it that I should be making a tutorial as I did it, same with the bags a few days ago, maybe next time.

The second best thing about it is that I made it out of fabric I had in my stash. (the best thing is that it'll protect Miss S from the plastic bag monsters). Like Hazel of Hazeljoy discussed here I'm trying to not buy any new fabric this year. My stash is rather huge, and I need to get rid of some of it so there's room for storage in my studio so Miss S doesn't have to share her bedroom with boxes of her parents' junk. I'm not going quite as extreme as Hazel is, I'll buy fabric for a particular item if I really really need to, but I'll try to use stash fabric and notions first.

As soon as I popped out to show the darling husband the wonderful thing I'd made he asked why I wasn't sewing desperately needed clothes for him. Sorry darling, this was more fun. Unless you want something made out of scraps of brightly checked fabric?

What treasures do you have hidden away waiting to be used in a project that never manages to happen?

Oh, and the sounds in the other room? Miss S and her dad giggling and having some fun – best sounds in the world!

Have a joyful day!

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You are so creative! And a good writer. I enjoy your blog. Esp how you draw in your family at the end. Nice :) Keep it up